Hi-Tech Laser Technology

Wireless Optical Communication, also called Optical Wireless (OW) or Laser, refers to the transmission of modulated invisible or Laser beams through the atmosphere to obtain optical communications. Like fibre, Free Space Optics (FSO) uses lasers to transmit data, but instead of enclosing the data stream in a glass fibre, it is transmitted through the air.

Al Holol Al Thakeya offers the entire gamut of backhaul and access solutions and services for the delivery and operations of communications networks. We offer dependable optimal solutions which provides an economically viable solution for our clients, zero spectrum laser technology.

WHY Laser Technology as a Solution?

Many barriers exist to implementing high capacity broadband. Such as right of way permits are unpredictable; expensive and time-consuming to acquire. In some cities, they aren’t even available due to local authority restrictions. Once secured, inground fibre is expensive to deploy (up to 26K USD per kilometre) and more importantly takes a longer time to deploy.

Aerial fibre is both an environmental eyesore and a long term maintenance challenge. Other wireless technology options are generally too low in bandwidth (microwave), expensive (mm-wave) and bring the added financial burden of spectrum fees.

This technology can offer both the speed of deployment and bandwidth to position the Partner to win the race across Oman.

WHY do you need Laser Technology?

High bandwidth like in Fibre, but without the hindrance of digging or running cable.
Scalable solution for backhaul and/or last-mile solution
Lower latency and higher security relative to LTE, RF mm wave
Quick installation and fast coverage over long distances without the need for exorbitant licensed spectrum

Our key differentiators

Wireless optical communication technique, when used in a clear line of sight, can transport data at up to 20 Gbps. A single link can extend fiber networks over distances of up to 20 kilometers without loss of latency.
The technology is appropriate for hostile and challenging terrain, where traditional "regular" connectivity via fiber cables or mobile solutions is prohibitively expensive and difficult to deploy.
Data transmissions across a distance of 20 km or more using long-range line-of-sight.
High-throughput supports 10-100s Gbps data rates. Our current R&D endeavors will enable this throughput to increase up to 200 Gbps in the near future.
Open standards technology enables seamless integration with existing infrastructure and environments.
This technology combines Radio or MMW for carrier-grade availability of >99.5%.

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